Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Homemade Tortilla Chips

Pin It now! Dawson is going to turn 1 on Sunday! We are also having his party on Sunday so I have a lot to do this week! If you saw my Party Invitation post that you know that the theme of his party is puppies. Dawson absolutely LOVES dogs so it only seemed right to have a puppy theme!

I have these cookie cutters that are super cute. One is in the shape of a bone and the other is shaped like a dog. I'm serving lunch at his party and I am determined to use these cookie cutters somehow. The obvious answer would be to make cookies, I know. But we are already going to have cake, ice cream, a smash cake and cake pops...I think that is enough sweets for one party.

I love, love, LOVE making chips out of flour tortillas. (I made them for the first time a few months ago when I found this recipe at kevinandamanda.com) And any party that I have ever been to that has had some kind of queso dip has been a huge hit. And I have a really good (and simple) queso recipe. So I am going to use the cookie cutters to cut the tortillas so the chips are shaped like bones and dogs. So cute!

This is going to work out perfectly, too. I can cut the tortillas up a few days in advance (I'll probably finish cutting them out tonight) and I can make the chips an hour or two before the party. There is also going to be a fruit tray and either hot dogs or lil smokies...I haven't decided on that yet.

I did a practice run on the chips yesterday and it's a good thing that I did! I now know that I need to keep the heat on the stove a little lower and they do NOT stay good overnight, even in a vacuum sealed bag.

First off I started by using the cookie cutters to cut the tortillas:

That is not the best picture in the world! *lol* I was in a hurry to get this done while Dawson napped.

I thought this picture would turn out better than the first...

I was wrong!

I had a small skillet with about an inch of vegetable oil heating up (over medium heat) on the stove while I cut the tortillas. I used a small skillet this time because I was only making 6 chips, usually I use a larger one. It takes 5 or 10 minutes for the oil to be hot enough and then you put the tortillas in one at a time. (I usually cook 4 at a time but I only put 1 in this time because I was using a smaller pan)

I overcooked the first 2, so I put my camera away after that! It usually takes about 30 seconds before they need to be flipped over and cooked on the other side for a few more seconds. Then remove the chips (with tongs!) and put them on a plate lined with a paper towel and them sprinkle them with salt.

All done!

Again, this is not the best picture, but they turned out cute and they taste yummy as usual! Hopefully they are a hit at the party!


Trudie said...

Yeah! I am able to leave a comment! Those chips looks yummy! How is D feeling? I cannot wait for the party pics! Good luck with all the prep and enjoy your special day with your son!

Twincerely,Olga said...

stoppin in from SITS! cute !!I gotta try those!

Adriana said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! This is a GREAT idea! We have a ton of cookie cutters and tortillas, for that matter. We will definately try this!

www.kevinandamanda.com said...

Oh my gosh! Those are sooo cute! :) What a great idea- you are so creative! :)

The Mumpowers said...

These turned out great. I love seeing all these pictures after knowing what ideas you have had for so long!

Loni said...

This is so creative, I would have never thought to have cookie cutter shaped chips! Ingenious! I think our boys are only about 1 week apart, my son, Parker, was born on October 18th! :)