Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Kindergarten Reading Update! {Magic Tree House series}

Pin It now! I know that we are only two weeks into the new year but I wanted to post a quick update about Dawson's reading goal!  We've already read 40 chapters! Now, mind you, he's only in Kindergarten and I'm probably doing 75% of the reading but I am really proud of him! I decided to use my Goodreads account for his books instead of my own because I don't do a lot of reading unless it's with him. I thought it would be fun to have a place to keep track of all the books he has read. He likes it a lot, I let him rate the books after we're finished reading them. Here's a link to his Goodreads account (that still has my info on the top... I wonder if I can change that?) in case you want to follow along Dawson's Goodreads.

He has REALLY liked the Magic Tree House series. He wasn't really fond of Mummies in the Morning because he thought it was scary. So if your younger kids are reading that, I'd recommend not reading it right before bedtime!!! It has a ghost and mummies in it, so yeah...

Another thing that is awesome about the Magic Tree House series (besides my son absolutely LOVING them) is you can go to to do activities and play games. You can also take a little quiz about each book that you've read and earn stamps in your passport. I love that they have that because I know that Dawson is remembering what he's reading and learning, too!

We should be getting the Magic Tree House Boxed Set, Books 5-8 today which is perfect because we finished book 4 last night!! Dawson has been telling Ashlynn (my 4 year old) about the stories he's been reading and they like to pretend that our school room is a magic tree house. Dawson pretends he's Jack and Ashlynn pretends to be Annie. I like how Ashlynn hasn't even read the books but Dawson loves them so much that he's sharing them with her and they play and pretend together!

I definitely recommend this series for early readers!!

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