Monday, October 19, 2009

Muffin Tin Monday - No Theme

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Happy Monday everybody! We almost didn't participate in Muffin Tin Monday this week because Dawson is sick. :-( He's got an ear infection accompanied by a fever and he is teething. Poor baby. As for me, I'm pretty much exhausted. But since there is no theme this week I decided I might as well just put his breakfast in the tin. I'm glad I did because Dawson smiled when he saw me bringing the tin over to him. :-) It's probably a nice change to eat out of something other than a bowl.

Anyway, here is what he had for (a late) breakfast:

Applesauce, pancakes and peaches

He's been eating rather well for not feeling so great so that's good! Hopefully he starts feeling better soon. His first birthday is on Sunday and we are having his party that day, too. It won't be much fun if he is sick.

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Donette said...

Sorry ur little man is sick.
Hope he gets better for his party

The Activity Mom said...

Hope he feels better and hope you get some rest!

luckycoleman said...

He is such a good baby..Even when he is teething, has a 103 degree temp. and has an earinfecton..he is still SO good. Maybe a *little* fussy..but other then that you would never even know he was sick! I cant beleive he will be one this Sunday!!! He is going to LOVE his Birthday party. All the attention, the presents, the cake! :D It's going to be fun watching him too. Wow..this in

The Mumpowers said...

His birthday is coming up so quick! I really hope he feels better soon. I don't blame you for always getting up and checking on him. I'd do the same thing. :(