Thursday, March 20, 2014

Disney's Frozen Family Movie Night

Pin It now! Last night we had our long awaited Frozen movie night!!! In January we had a Frozen themed birthday party for my daughter and I wanted to try my best to come up with new ideas for this movie night. There were a couple of things that I just loved too much and decided to do them again. :) :)

Before Christmas I found some Frozen wrapping paper at Walmart, I used that to make our placemats for tonight's dinner and I used some of the kid's Frozen toys to decorate our table.

No movie night is complete without family movie night tickets! The kids had to pay me with a kiss to get their ticket. :)

We used our Christmas tree lights to decorate a little bit. I would have looked so much better if the strings would have been white BUT the kids loved them and that's all that really matters, right?! I love doing fun little things like this that make the kids so excited and happy!!! We also hung up some snowflakes that's I've been holding onto since two Christmases ago. (I've used them 3 times now and I don't plan on getting rid of them yet!) haha

For dinner we had:

Anna and Hans' "Finish Each Others Sandwiches"
Elsa's Snowy White Mac & Cheese
Sven's Carrot and Raisin Salad
Olaf's Snowman Pieces (powdered donut holes, pretzel sticks, raisins, and carrots)

To drink we had:

Kristoff's Iced Koolaid

And for dessert we had:

"Some People Are Worth Melting (chocolate) For" Fondue with strawberries, bananas, and marshmallows to dip

And these cake pops that are too cute for words! I watched an awesome tutorial from My Cupcake Addiction and knew I had to make them.

And I printed out these cute little pictures and taped them to long toothpicks to stick in the fruit for dipping.

Yummy dessert!!

And for during the movie I drew little snowman faces with colored sharpies onto some clear cups for the kids to eat their popcorn out of.

We put some of our Frozen wrapping paper on their table, too, and put some Frozen pillows on their chairs.

And just for fun here's a picture of Ashlynn in her Elsa dress. :) :)

We had planned to play freeze tag and color some pictures but we didn't have time. While I was making dinner the kids colored and did some activities in their Frozen coloring book . They had fun with that!

Did you have a special family movie night? I'd love to hear about it!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Free Printable Disney Frozen Family Movie Night Tickets!!

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One week from tomorrow (2/25), if you've bought the Frozen digital copy, you will be able to have a family movie night featuring Frozen!!! We've pre-ordered it on bluray so we're going to have to wait until March 18th to have our movie night. But since some of you will be watching it soon, I thought I'd whip up some movie tickets for your special night!

Free free to right click on either image and save it to your computer to print for your own personal use. If you post about them in your blog, on facebook, etc, please link back to my blog. :) Thank you!

I made two of them this time because I couldn't decide which one I liked better! Let me know which one is your favorite. 



If you need some Frozen movie night ideas you can check out the post I did on my daughter's Frozen themed birthday party.

Click here to get more free printable family movie night tickets. Enjoy!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Disney's Frozen Themed Birthday Party {Great Movie Night Ideas!}

Pin It now! Like many, MANY others, my little family is pretty obsessed with the movie Frozen. We've seen it twice in theaters already and if they were still playing it in 3D around here we'd totally go see it for the third time. In the meantime we've Pre-ordered Frozen from Amazon and are counting down the days until it will be delivered to our front door {on March 18th!}.

Anyway, I had so much fun planning her party and spent two days slowly decorating for it. I loved every second of it and seeing my daughter's face light up when she was seeing it all come together was amazing!

She turned 3 so we just a small party with one of her friends from dance class and some family. It was a lot of fun!

I set up a little snowman building station for the kids to build their own snowman... Olaf!

I got the Do You Want to Build a Snowman printable from Jedi Craft Girl. I did change the snowman on it because I knew the kids would be excited to see Olaf. And I got the little Olaf craft here.

I printed this adorable banner from DIY Swank

I love, love, LOVE how it turned out. It was super easy to print, glue to the color of cardstock that I wanted, and then tie together with white ribbon. This is the first time that I've made a birthday banner and I definitely want to make Dawson one for his next birthday.

I made the big number 3 using a cereal box (I just unfolded it completely, drew my 3 and cut it out), some cupcake liners and my hot glue gun. I also love how it turned out!

I found images of all the main characters and printed a 4x6 of each one and put them in a frame above some of the other decor I had out. {Notice Ashlynn's silhouette, that's a nod to the movie. When Anna is singing For the First Time in Forever before Elsa's coronation, Elsa's silhouette is hanging out in the town. I love it!}

I started doing these birthday interviews with Dawson when he turned 3 and I wanted to start the traditon with Ashlynn, too, now that she's old enough to give me answers.

For party favors I gave out Frozen cups with a pencil, snowflake shaped crayons, and some Frozen stickers. The kids LOVED them!

I also hung up a bunch of snowflakes that we cut out.

Now onto the food!

To drink we had Melted Snowmen. You can get the label from Come Together Kids.

And Kristoff's Iced Koolaid! {I wish I had a link for the food tents!! I can't remember where I got them, if I find it I'll come back and edit. I am SO sorry if they are yours, I'd love to give you credit!)

This is the best picture of the cake that I got. Oops! I decided to try something different and I made her a root beer flavored cake. It was pretty yummy and with a few Frozen Figurines it fit in with the party perfectly. :)

I served Elsa's Whiteout Pizza. It was white sauce and cheese only.

And Anna's Pepperoni Pizza. {It took me forever to think of something to call Anna's, once the word peppy popped into my head I knew the pepperoni pizza was hers!} I cut out the pepperoni with mini snowflake cookie cutters.

I also had crackers, pepperoni, and cheese to serve, one of my kids' favorite snacks! I used my cookie cutters on the cheese for those also.

Olaf's Snowman Snacks were a big hit with the kids. A couple of them even built their own snowman on their plate! I wish I would have gotten a picture, it was hysterically cute!

 I really, really, REALLY wanted to serve Sven's salad, but I wanted to keep it simple with finger foods so I  had Sven's chips {ice chips... even though they're not ice. A stretch, I know). For our movie night {c'mon, you totally know we're having one as soon as we can watch it at home!} I am totally making Sven's Carrot Salad!!! How perfect will that be?!?

And another big hit were these Frozen sugar cookies! I decorated them the day of the party and I stacked the snowflakes before they were completely dry. Oops! So they were kind of ugly but they tasted yummy! And the ones with Elsa and Anna were everyone's favorite anyway.

Here's the birthday princess!! She had a great time and loved her party. It was so much fun!

I can not wait to start planning our Frozen movie night... hopefully I can come up with some fun, new ideas that I didn't use at her party. :) :)