Saturday, November 2, 2013

Our 25 Days of Christmas 2012

Pin It now! For our Christmas advent calendar last year I printed out all of our activities on some cute Christmas-y paper and planned our 25 days of Christmas right after Thanksgiving. I put everything in the order that would work best for us and I made sure to keep a list of all of our activities in my notebook so I could plan ahead if needed (or switch an activity around if something popped up!).

After I had everything printed out I rolled them up and put them in our advent calendar.

Day 1- Make a countdown chain to Christmas!

Day 2 - Write a letter to Santa

Day 3 - Go to the zoo to see ZooLights!

Day 4 - Frosty the Snowman Movie night

Day 5 - Joke and treat day
What do snowmen eat for breakfast?
Frosted Flakes!

Day 6 - Learn a Christmas song!
Day 7 - Make paper snowflakes

Day 8 - Play Christmas Bingo (aka Jingo!)
Day 9 - Joke and treat day
What did one snowman say to the other?
Do you smell carrots?
Day 10 - Make a handprint wreath

Day 11 - Color Christmas coloring pages
Day 12 - Make gingerbread houses
Day 13- Polar Express movie night!

Day 14 - Joke and treat day
What do you get when you cross a snowman and a vampire?
Frostbite! :)
Day 15 - Build a snowman

Day 16 - Make an ornament
Day 17 - Joke day 
What do you call a snowman party?
A snowball!
Day 18 - Play Christmas memory

Day 19 - Bake/take Christmas treats to friends and family

Day 20 - Go look at Christmas lights

Day 21 - Joke day
What does a gingerbread man put on his bed?
A cookie sheet! 
Day 22 - Christmas movie marathon day
Day 23 - How the Grinch Stole Christmas movie night
Day 24 - Bake and decorate cookies for Santa

Day 25 - Christmas!

If you have any activity ideas I would love to hear them! We are definitely doing our own 25 Days of Christmas this year, too!


Anonymous said...

What a fun way to count the days and look forward to Christmas, a time the kids will always remember!

Christina said...

I love this idea. :) I think we may do this this year, too!

Pocha huntas said...