Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Family Movie Night - Frosty the Snowman

Pin It now! We had a Frosty the Snowman movie night last night. For decorations I printed out some Frosty pictures to put up in the frames behind our table. Usually my happy chef is hanging up there but I'm getting a little sick of him. I think I might keep the Frosty pics (or other Christmas related pics) up there for awhile. I also taped some leftover window clings to the wall. I wanted it to look like a winter wonderland! I gathered up some snowman decorations from around the house and put them on the table. The only thing I bought for this movie night was snowman plates and napkins!

Dave made this snow garland while I was at work today. :)

I drew some faces on some marshmallows (with edible ink markers) to put in our hot chocolate that we had with dinner. You'll see what we did with the Oreos in a minute.

And these, too, any ideas yet? chocolate!

And for dinner we had snowman shaped pancakes and bacon.

I didn't want to give Ashlynn a glass mug or hot chocolate so she drank milk out of a Frosty cup. :)

After dinner we made little snowman cookies. We put our Oreos on a stick, frosted them with cream cheese frosting, and then put faces on them. Here is one of the ones that Dawson made. He made and ate two of them, he thought it was a lot of fun (and yummy of course).

Here are a couple more.

Almost time to watch the movie!

I printed out little Frosty pictures to put on our popcorn buckets and we drank "melted snowmen" while we watched the movie.

I took two quick pictures of my cute little family with my phone while we were watching the movie. :)

We've been having so much fun! Tomorrow is day 5... I wonder what we'll be up to?! ;)

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Bekah said...

Fun!!! Where did you get the printables for the water bottles?