Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Family Movie Night Tickets - Tangled

Pin It now! We are going to have another one of our family movie nights this weekend!!! Since Tangled just came out on DVD and we haven't seen it yet we will definitely be watching that! I've already got most of our night planned and I'm really excited for it. I decided to make some more movie tickets and post them in case anybody else is having a Tangled movie night and wants to use them. I'll post pictures of our movie night next week. :)

You can add your last name to the second ticket if you want (for example Harrison Family Movie Night) or you can just print the first one as is. To save them just click on the one that you want, then right click on it and choose to save it. If you are going to add your name I use the Tahoma font size 18pt.

Enjoy! :)


Amanda said...

Oh we loved Tangled! It came in the mail yesterday for Maddie's Easter basket!

Christina said...

Great, as always! I'm including a link to this on my movie night post... if the pictures ever load and Blogger stops being silly, that is. Anywho, I can't wait to see what you do for your movie night! We're probably going to watch Tangled again tonight after we get home from the pool. I can't say enough how much I love that movie.

{TiffanyMae} said...

I am so bummed, we had our Tangled movie night last night and I would have loved to go all out with these printable. I am going to link back to you on my post today to share this with my readers.

Tangled is such a great movie!!!

lemondedis said...

thank you very much! i shared the link here: