Tuesday, March 29, 2011

DIY Car Seat Cover

Pin It now! I sewed! I sewed!! My wonderful husband bought me a sewing machine a couple of months ago! Yippee! It took me a while to make anything because before now I had never sewed, I always talked about all the stuff that I wanted to make but didn't really think I ever could because I didn't even know how to use a sewing machine. I'm learning now though! I'm glad that my husband knows how to work a sewing machine and could teach me what I needed to know because I didn't know how to work it at all! In one night I went from not even knowing how to turn a sewing machine on -- to making this:

It's basically a blanket with velcro straps and boy is it handy!! I always throw a blanket over Ashlynn's car seat when we go out and then I either have to hold the handle with the blanket over it (which makes me nervous because I don't feel like I have good grip on the handle) or I have to put my arm under the blanket to hold the handle and then she's not completely covered like I would like her to be. So this car seat cover is perfect for me. :) I followed a few different tutorials that I found by Googling car seat cover tutorials.

I still have some practicing to do but I am beyond happy with how this turned out.

I have a long list of things that I want to make and I'll be sure to post them here as I finish them. :)


kathy pennington said...

I saw this on your other blog or maybe facebook, but you didn't have as many photo,I didn't see the soft other side, it looks so cute and soft...Awesome job mommy! :)

Anonymous said...

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