Friday, December 4, 2009

Book Fan Friday - Merry Christmas, Splat

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Three A's and a C

Welcome to another installment of Book Fan Friday! As I was going through our books last Saturday to pick out a new book to read for the week, I found a Thanksgiving book that we didn't read! I was totally bummed. Thanksgiving week we read Biscuit is Thankful. I totally forgot that we had another Biscuit book - Happy Thanksgiving, Biscuit! Oops. I've read it to Dawson a couple times this week just because I know how much he loves Biscuit. (To be honest, I am kind of sick of the Biscuit series. *lol* There isn't much of a "story" to them. Of course, I will still buy any Biscuit books that I can find because Dawson's eyes light up every time we are about to read a book from that series. The things we do for our kids. I wouldn't change a thing.)

To make sure that I didn't forget what books I want to read to Dawson and which ones I want to feature on Book Fan Friday, I pulled out all of our Christmas books. We have 14 of them already! (I'm sure we'll get more before and probably even after Christmas...I'm a bit of a book junkie!) I haven't decided yet on which ones we'll be reading each week...I better decide soon though!

This week we read Merry Christmas, Splat by Rob Scotton.

This is such a cute story! It's about a cat that writes a letter to Santa telling him that he wants a really big present! After he writes the letter he starts to worry that maybe he hasn't been good enough this year for Santa to bring him a really big present. So he decides to be extra not so helpful around the house.

Dawson loves the illustrations in this book! There is a part in the book where Splat opens the front door to clear snow from the path, but when he opens the door a huge pile of snow falls over on him. Dawson seriously started cracking up the first time we read this book and he saw the picture of Splat buried in the snow. It was so funny! I'm not sure if it was just a coincidence that he started laughing when we got to that page, or if he is really started to understand when things happen in the book. The rest of the week he didn't laugh at that part, but he did get excited and point to the picture. (He pointed to a few other pictures as well.)

I am so looking forward to seeing what others are reading this month! I'm always excited to discover new books, especially holiday themed books!

To see what others are reading, head on over to Three A's and C, and don't forget to link up to what you've been reading! :-)


The Mumpowers said...

What a cute sounding book! I need to go out and find that. I bet Ashlyn would LOVE it.

Trudie said...

Sounds so cute! I try and source the books in SA, but sometimes it is a struggle, will see if I can find it!