Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Family Movie Night - Brave

Pin It now! I kept this movie night pretty simple. I spent about $10 buying Brave plates, napkins, and goblets, but other than that I just used stuff that we already had. Family movie night on a budget! Oh, and we bought the blu-ray, of course.

I decorated the table with Ashlynn's Brave toys and the movie tickets I made.

Click here for the free printable Brave movie tickets that I made. :)

Dawson thought drinking out of the goblet was SO COOL!

Ashlynn is still too young to drink out of a goblet but she has been practicing drinking from a cup lately so I made sure to get her Brave cup out for her to use.

I printed some coloring pages for the kids to color while I was getting dinner ready. I didn't do a themed dinner this time, we just had leftover pizza. :) Here's what Ashlynn colored:

And what Dawson colored: (I love the little message he wrote me. ♥ )

After we finished eating it was time to watch the movie and eat our snacks! I got the idea to make the cute little bear snacks from my friend over at Disney in Our Blood. (Here's a link to her daughter's Brave themed birthday party so you can see all the other cute stuff that she came up with.)

We also had popcorn and Brave fruit snacks. I printed off Brave water bottle labels from printabelle and wrapped them around our popcorn.

Of course the kids loved the bears the most! And we all loved the movie! This was mine and Dawson's second time seeing it and Ashlynn's first. We had such a fun night, the only thing that was missing was dada (he was working). Is anybody else planning a movie night? I'd love to see what you come up with if you do! :)


Bree said...

I just found your blog via Pinterest and wanted to say you are awesome!! These are all such fun ideas and would make any kid feel special!! Hope you don't mind if I use some of your ideas for our own family movie nights!! :) And looks like you have some other great things, so I'll have to look around!

AP Mommy said...

Thank you for the tickets and the links to the other stuff! I'm planning a Brave Family Movie night myself for tomorrow night and you saved me a lot of creative time tonight! Can't wait for our movie night tonight! :)

Naomi Wormsley said...

Where did you buy the cups?

Naomi Wormsley said...
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