Monday, June 25, 2012

Family Movie Night - Peter Pan

Pin It now! We had a Peter Pan movie night a couple of weeks ago. Before this one we hadn't done a movie night like this in a long time and I knew Dawson would enjoy it now that he's a little older. I have our next movie night planned already, I just haven't decided when we are going to do it. We are so busy right now!!

Here are our movie tickets, being held up by skull rock.

We tried to make our table look a little bit like Neverland. We had a blue table cloth that was the water, a skeleton head from our Halloween decorations that was skull rock, cupcakes made into a crocodile, and then I drew on construction paper and then covered each one in contact paper for our place mats that represented different parts of Neverland.

Here is the first place mat, a map of Neverland.

Mermaid Lagoon.

The Indian Camp.

And the Lost Boys.

Our drinks were sprinkled with pixie dust. (it's just milk with a drop of red food coloring with some whipped cream and sprinkles on top)

I went back and forth on what I wanted to make for dessert and finally decided on a cupcake crocodile and I'm so glad that I did! He turned out awesome!

For dinner we had pirate ship pizzas, hook shaped breadsticks, cannonballs (olives), and some pirates gold (corn).

I used a black poster board and cut our Peter's shadow.

Here's a shot of our dinner.

Dawson painted Peter Pan and Captain Hook so I decided to put them in frames and use them as part of our decorations.

I put Captain Hook, the crocodile, Tinker Bell, and Peter Pan by the TV until it was time to watch the movie and then I got them down so the kids could cuddle with them.

After dinner (before we watched the movie) we went outside to find our shadows! Luckily none of them were missing.

Dawson was wearing his Jake shirt (the closest shirt he has to Peter Pan) and Ashlynn had on her Peter Pan shirt.

Dawson calls the grassy area in front of our apartment "Neverland" so we went to play in Neverland. Dawson brought out his sword and hook and there was another little boy out there that he played with for awhile. They took turns holding the sword and the hook and would chase after each other.

We all had a lot of fun and are looking forward to our next family movie night! Hopefully I can squeeze it in here soon!


artsy_momma said...

Love your crocodile cupcakes!!! My little man doesn't like that movie for some reason. We need to do another movie theme night, it's been awhile! Such a precious pic of the the kids too :)

Proud Mommy said...

Oh Im so glad to see you back up and posting. :) Great idea on the Peter Pan movie night. We actually just did our Cars movie night last night. I linked your blog on the post so people can see where I got our cute little tickets from. :) Next up we are doing Everybodys Here.(Baseball theme) Thanks for all the great ideas and again...Glad your back up and posting.:)

The Vaughans said...

I was wondering if you had the Peter Pan movie tickets somewhere on your site? I would love to use them for our Peter Pan family movie night tomorrow night!

Jess said...

I am also looking for the Peter Pan tickets. Thanks!