Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Muffin Tin Mon... Tuesday!

Pin It now! I decided to give Dawson a muffin tin lunch again yesterday. I stopped doing them for awhile because he is such a picky eater AND he goes through phases where if I give him more than one thing at a time he'll pick one of those items and won't eat anything else. So for awhile there I was just giving him a sandwich, after he finished that I'd give him some carrots, after he finished those I'd give him some blueberries, etc, until he had eaten enough. I was so happy yesterday when he ate everything in his tin except for like two chips. Yay!! Maybe we can start doing MTM regularly again.

Here's what he had for lunch yesterday (I didn't post it yesterday because I had just posted about some of our favorite books and I usually don't like to post more than once a day) ...

pb&j sandwich, veggie chips, sandwich
goldfish crackers, grapes, cheese

I'll have to come up with a fun theme to try next week. I have more fun doing themes and we haven't done one for awhile so I'm excited to see how Dawson likes it. :) And I've decided that next time I go to Michaels I am going to buy these:

Because Ashlynn has recently started eating baby food! How cute would it be to feed her some squash out of a cute little flower?! Ok, so it would totally be for me, I think she's too young to even notice, but still. :) I'm sure once she starts eating puffs and cheerios (not for a couple more months) she'll have fun dumping them out and playing with the silicone flowers. Yep, totally buying them soon!!

To see what others had for Muffin Tin Monday this week head on over and visit Muffin Tin Mom.

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