Monday, December 5, 2011

Christopher Pop-In-Kins is here!

Pin It now! A few nights ago before bed we read Dawson and Ashlynn the Christopher Pop-In-Kins book. After we were finished reading the story we asked him a few questions about it to make sure he understood what we read. He understood very well that Christopher comes to visit and we can not touch him or else he'll lose his magic. Before he went to sleep he told me he was going to dream about Santa and Christopher Pop-In-Kins. ♥

The next morning he had seemed to have forgotten about the story and Christopher was hiding on a wreath that we having hanging up. Dawson walked past him a few times without seeing him so I decided to remind him about the story that we read. Then I said maybe Christopher came to visit us, we should look for him! It took Dawson a few minutes to spot him but when he did he was SO excited!! That was a few days ago and since then whenever Dawson wakes up he is excited to see where Christopher is hiding or what he is up to. Besides sitting in the wreath he has also been holding on to a balloon and playing with some of Ashlynn's toys. We're having a lot of fun with him already and it warms my heart to see how excited Dawson gets to see him everyday.

I plan on posting a few pictures every couple of days to show what Christopher has been up to. Here he is playing with some of Ashlynn's toys.

To learn more about this cute little elf you can read my Christopher Pop-In-Kins review here.

Do you have a cute little elf visiting your family this year?