Saturday, November 14, 2009

Cupcake Turkey Treats

Pin It now! Dawson and I have a visitor today! My 5 year old niece is sleeping over with us! Yay! I was in the mood to bake and I knew she would have fun helping me, so I waited for her to get here before I got started.

We made cupcakes and little turkeys to go on top.

What we used:

cake mix
cookie icing
double stuffed oreos
candy corn
mini reese's peanut butter cups
edible pen

They are so cute! I had a little trouble with the eyes (icing and edible pen...go figure that probably the easiest part would be the hardest for me), but other than that they were fairly easy to make. :-)

How to make the turkeys:

Step 1- Pull the Oreo apart. If it breaks you can just add some icing to "glue" it back together

Step 2- Put a little bit of icing along the top of the cream in the Oreo where you will be placing the candy corn. (When the icing dries this will help keep the candy corn in place)

Step 3- Put a candy corn against the inside of the Oreo and gently slide it down into the cream (only the tip of the candy corn (white part) should be in the cream) You can put 4-6 candy corn on there depending on how many feathers you want.

Step 4- Put some icing on the inside of the Oreo and put the pieces back together.

Step 5- Put some icing on the Reese's peanut butter cup and "glue" it to the Oreo. (If you have little ones that are allergic to peanut butter you could use sliced bananas dipped in chocolate or possibly chocolate cherry cordials)

Step 6- Put some icing on the Oreo where you are going to put the whopper and also put a little icing on top of the peanut butter cup and place the whopper on the icing.

Step 7- Cut the white tip off a candy corn, this will be for the nose, add some icing to the back of it and put it on the turkey's face

Step 8- Use icing to make the eyes

Step 9- After the icing has dried, use and edible pen to dot the eyes.

Step 10- Place the turkey on the cupcake. :-)



luckycoleman said...

Those look so Cute!!! And Yummy! Give Hailee & Dawson kisses for me. :)

artsy_momma said...

Those are too darn cute! They sound so yummy too :)

The Mumpowers said...

Very, very cute! So creative!

jennwa said...

I want one of those right now. They are so cute and look like the taste great. I love Oreos and candy corn.
Thanks fos sharing.

Amanda said...

Those are adorable! Love em :)