Friday, September 25, 2009

Book Fan Friday - I Love You, Too

Pin It now! I'm a little late posting this, but better late than never, right? And technically it's still Friday for another hour here. :-)

This is my first Book Fan Friday post and I am excited to join in! I LOVE reading books to my 11 month old son and he loves listening to stories so it works out perfectly.

One of my favorite books to read to my little guy is I Love You, Too by Eve Bunting.

It's a really cute story that starts off by a puppy giving his mama a present (a bone) and then he goes and tells all his friends what he did and they all want to give their mamas presents, too! Every other page ends with the words "and I love you" and every time I read those words, my baby boy leans over to give me a hug. It's the sweetest thing and it makes me want to read the book over and over!

Book Fan Friday is hosted by Three A's and a C, stop by to see what great books are being read over there. :-)

P.S. My blog is still under construction, hopefully I can get it looking better soon.


The Mumpowers said...

Sorry I'm a little late stopping by to leave a comment! My daughter's 1st birthday (and her party) was on Saturday so I was a little preoccupied! lol You are the first person to join Book Fan Friday!! How exciting! Thank you! This is a really sweet sounding book, I'll have to go find it. That is so sweet that your little boy gives you a hug each time. :)

The Mumpowers said...

Yay! I totally didn't realize this was you! lol I'm so glad that you started another blog. Can't wait to see what you put up. :)