Sunday, December 13, 2009

Homemade Christmas Gift

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Today is the first day of the Holly Bloggy Christmas Bash and today's theme is homemade gifts. I am not quite finished with our gift yet (it still needs to be framed) but I figured I would post it anyway.

I saw this over at Handprint and Footprint Art and I knew it would be the perfect gift for me and Dawson to make this Christmas.

In case you can't read what is printed on the paper, it says:

I know you wipe some away,
but these prints were made to stay.
So keep them forever, a treasure they'll be.
A special "I Love You" for you from me.

Merry Christmas


And then, of course, I painted Dawson's hand and put his handprint above the poem. Trying to paint a 13 month old boy's hand and then stamping it on a paper is not very easy, but I think it turned out really cute. I still need to frame it and then it will be finished.

To see other homemade gifts and to join in on the fun, head on over to Tatertots and Jello and link up. :-)

Tomorrow's theme is Christmas Trees and it will be hosted by A Baby Changes Everything.


jenjen said...

That is so cute. And something that you will keep and treasure forever!

Thanks for linking up - I appreciate it! I hope you are having a wonderful Holiday Season!


Cori said...

What a great idea, so perfect for grandparents. I hope my daughter is born before Christmas, I so want to make shadowboxes with her feet and hand prints and some other memorabilia for family this year.

artsy_momma said...

Awww... I miss having the chubby baby hands! Thanks so much for linking to my site...I will be doing yours tomorrow or the next with the cake mix cookies I made.

I remember when my son was that age, he never would keep his hand open ~ sometimes I would just trace his hand and paint it in. Either way, the actual print is always cuter.... :D

The Mumpowers said...

Awww, very sweet!

Liz @ Sugarplum Creations said...

Oh I love it! My mom has something like this from when I was little :)

jennykate77 said...

Really cute idea!

shortmama said...

What a sweet idea!

Trudie said...

so cute! M and I made something similar for hubby, will post about it after Christmas as he reads my blog!

MamaBug said...

Great Idea! I came over from Tatertots & Jello... My oldest (named Dawson) is 8 1/2 and we have a tile with his handprint that is absolutely precious to us.