Friday, November 6, 2009

Book Fan Friday - Happy Halloween Biscuit!

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Three A's and a C

It's Friday! Not that the day of the week really matters at our house, everyday is pretty much the same no matter what day it is, but I'm sure some of you are excited that it's happy Friday to you!

This week we have been reading Happy Halloween, Biscuit! by Alyssa Satin Capucilla

I know, we're a week behind with this book. I had planned to read it last week but had a change of plans at the last minute. And Dawson LOVES Biscuit so I had to read it to him, even if it's after Halloween.

We have many books in the Biscuit series, I definitely recommend them if you have a little one that loves dogs. Dawson can't get enough of Biscuit. :-)

Too see what others were reading this week, check out Three A's and a C!

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The Mumpowers said...

Biscuit looks like a cute series. Thank you again for the wonderful Book Fan Friday button!