Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Family Movie Night - Tangled

Pin It now! We haven't gone all out for a movie night in a long time! We were really excited for Tangled to be coming out on DVD because we hadn't seen it yet so we decided to do something special. :)

Dawson helped with some decorations by coloring them for me. I like this picture because you can see where he drew Flynn's nose in...he ended up scribbling all over his face so you can't see his nose (or his face really!) by the time he was finished.

And just for the heck of it here is a picture of Ashlynn. :P

Here is our table all set up...

Dinner didn't go exactly as we planned but we made it work! We had angel hair pasta (which was actually baked chicken spaghetti but we can pretend). We were supposed to have braided breadsticks with it but I was planning on using the breadsticks that come in the tube and the commissary just happened to be all out. We also had Rapunzel lettuce salad, an idea that I got from Christina's Tangled movie night! (We had to use our Mickey bowls since we were going to be watching a Disney movie)

For dessert we had blue jello with orange "boats" on top. An idea that I got from SuperMom Moments.

I got the tower, Rapunzel and Pascal crafts from the Disney site. Dawson colored Pascal for me. ♥

And of course our movie tickets were ready to go! This is our first family movie night that we've needed four tickets! :) Oh and I almost forgot, I made the long braid out of yellow yarn which I couldn't have done without my husband's help because I got it all tangled. haha

How did he get so messy?!

We absolutely loved the movie and really enjoyed our movie night. Now that I have seen the movie I have a few more ideas that I wish I would have included in our movie night... Like serving dinner out of a frying pan, and floating lanterns are definitely a must!!! I also really wish I would have included the sun, whether it be like the purple bunting with the sun icon on it like Christina and SuperMom did, or maybe even placemats made out of purple construction paper with the sun icon on it would have been neat! We're going to definitely do a Tangled family movie night again in a few years when Ashlynn is old enough to enjoy it so I'll have to remember those things that I wanted to add to it. :)


Unknown said...

This is an EXCELLENT family fun night! You pulled together some great resources- and I LOVE that you have FOUR tickets now instead of three! :0)

Carrie said...

i LOVE your movie nights... i think we're going to have to start doing these because they're just SO awesome!

Crystal said...

Very cute!! Love the little boats!

kathy pennington said...

Your movie nights are the cutest idea. Your kids will always remember them, and hopefully carry on your movie night tradition to their familys too. I LOVE IT!!! :)

Christina said...

Your movie night turned out great! I love it! I really can't wait to do another one and add some more crafts and ideas I have. Everything looks great!!